Do you have a special design you would like us to reproduce into your very own Custom Lucha Libre mask?

You have come to the right place.  At Mask Maniac, we've helped hundreds of independent, professional and amateur wrestlers or luchadores with their personal gimmick development and mask creation.  As well as avid sporting fans who want to support their favorite pro or college sporting team with a custom Lucha Libre mask.

Getting started is easy:

1. Please contact us via the "Contact us" form here on the website (or email us to

2. Please provide a sketch, drawing, picture and brief description of the mask you want us to make for you (we also provide design and gimmick generation services).  We are also available to discuss your project over the phone if you request a call back

3. You will be provided with a checkout link to process your order (so we have all your information saved in order to timely ship your mask).  Please note custom mask production takes around 2-3 weeks (sometimes less, sometimes more, depending or workload and design complexity of your custom project).

CUSTOM LUCHA LIBRE MASKS are all hand made by seasoned professionals who currently work with major Lucha Libre superstars.  Materials and craftsmanship are top notch (special stitching and reinforcements are also available for aggressive ring wear).  Pricing ranges around $125 to $160 (could be more in special cases when complicated design cuts, fabrics or materials are requested).

Here are a few examples of custom work we have designed and produced