3 pack Lucha Libre novelty lycra Adult size FACEMASK bundle

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3 pack Halloween lycra Facemask bundle!

Package contains:

1 Espanto 

1 Mistico

1 Dr Wagner red/green

Lucha Libre Face Mask! New and for a limited time

Adult size Face Mask for Pandemic season! - Step out in style with this new Facemask.  Has elastic slots for snug fit and can be easily hung by one ear while speaking, eating or drinking. 

Lightweight and comfortable!

Can fit over conventional medical facemasks.

*Please note these are not to be confused by surgical or medical grade masks.  These are novelty masks which will reduce the risk of catching any virus or illness, but please do not substitute these masks if or while conducting any surgical or medical procedures*

Can be washed with light dishwash suds and left to sun dry.  Do not machine wash or dry clean.