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  There are hundreds of Lucha Libre wrestlers out there, and hundreds more already lie in the history of Mexican Wrestling with "luchadores" of the past and the present that have made a mark in someway through the heart and memory of the lucha libre fans, and some are even considered to have left a legacy in the Mexican pop culture.

Here we present to you the profiles * of the TOP 12 most requested masked luchadores from our inventory:

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1. Histeria
2. Blue Demon
3. Mil Mascaras
4. Dr. Wagner Jr.
5. Shocker
6. La Sombra
7. Mistico
8. Dr. X
9. La Parka
10. Dos Caras Jr.
11. Huracan Ramirez.
12. Mexicano.

  * Profiles and wrestler pictures are a courtesy of LuchaWiki.org a free lucha libre enciclopedia for all the fans out there.
For complete wrestler's biographies please visit LuchaWiki.org

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